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Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Equipment

Our company deals with the design, assembly and service of fixed fire-extinguishing equipment. We encourage you to read the information about FFEE.

Local Fire-Extinguishing Systems

Our offer features local fire-extinguishing systems for independent fire detection and extinguishing for small and medium capacities in industrial applications. More information about local fire-extinguishing systems can be found in the product range section.

Fire Alarm Systems

The fire alarm systems offered by us are a very effective form of quick notification of a potential threat in a building. The systems installed by us precisely determine the source of fire and are a guarantee of trouble-free operation.

Hazardous Gas Detection Systems

We design and install hazardous gas detection systems. Our periodic maintenance inspections include employee training on the correct use. Please feel free to read more about this.

ANMA – a safety systems distributor from Wroclaw

     ANMA company has been operating in the field of the distribution and installation of safety systems since 1989. Our offer includes providing safety systems to residential and utility buildings as well as special facilities such as airports, prisons and military buildings.

     The company comprises a team of experienced specialists. Our employees have extensive industry knowledge, which they successively expand through participation in training and other courses. Our professional skills enable us to provide our clients with high quality services and assistance in choosing the most suitable solution for their needs. Please feel free to read more about our activity and range of products.


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