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FireLine – automatic fire-extinguishing system

     FireLine is an automatic and independent system for detecting and extinguishing fires in their initial phase. It has been designed for hard-to-reach, built-up areas with increased fire risk. Thanks to its multi-module design and the possibility of using various extinguishing agents, it can extinguish type A, B and C fires within a small and medium capacity.


How does FireLine work?

     About ten seconds after a small fire has occurred, the fire detection and extinguishing tube ruptures, releasing the extinguishing agent. After another five seconds the fire is extinguished.


The FireLine system is used for extinguishing:


  • electrical and control cabinets,


  • CNC machines, electro-discharge machines, machining centres,


  • technological channels,
  • servers and UPSs


  • cable ducts
  • etc.


The FireLine system can use extinguishing agents such as:
carbon dioxide

  • inert gases and mixtures thereof
  • aqueous foaming agent solutions
  • halon substitutes: FM-200, NOVEC 1230
  • powder


Advantages of the FireLine system:

  • the system does not feature any electronics, is independent of external power sources, and its simplicity and innovation prove its great reliability
  • the detection tube acts as a linear temperature sensor
  • thanks to a detection tube made of a highly technologically advanced polymer, we ensure its long life (about 8 years), flexibility, appropriate sensitivity to temperature and cracking in the hottest places, taking the shape of a nozzle
  • instantaneous response time
  • no power supply required
  • unrestricted installation of the flexible detector
  • always ready for operation
  • possibility of remote electric release of extinguishing agent
  • before extinguishing, the machine can be switched off by the extinguishing system
  • designed for installation in extremely inaccessible locations
  • requires a minimum of maintenance
  • no random alarms triggered by random detection
  • can be used in any atmosphere (sea, industrial, explosive)
  • simple and quick installation
  • low price and very high efficiency


FireLine is available in three configurations:





The extinguishing agent is directed through a detection tube directly to the fire source.




The detection tube opens the valve when it detects a fire. The extinguishing agent is released through a steel tube with nozzles.



An independent smoke alarm system has been added to the intermediate system to significantly accelerate the extinguishing action and increase the safety of the facility

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